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Buying a good bottle of whiskey to bring to a holiday party or as a gift doesn’t have to break the bank.  It’s true that you can easily drop over two Benjamins on a rare small batch bourbon or a 25 year old single malt scotch, but there’s plenty of respectable whiskies for much cheaper. Here are four good value buys.

Irish – Jameson Irish Whiskey


Jameson is like the Starbucks of whiskies. It’s available nearly everywhere and if someone likes whiskey, they won’t mind Jameson. It’s also one of those rare bottles that you can drink straight up or use as a mixer and no one will bat an eyelash either way. This is the perfect drink to pick up on the way to a party.

 ScotchDewar’s “White Label”


Dewar’s doesn’t have the greatest reputation among the aficionados, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Sure you’re not going to pour yourself a straight shot of White Label, but it has the perfect amount of bite to mix in with cola. So if you need a whiskey for mixing and you don’t want to waste your Johnnie Walker or your Jameson, this is the perfect replacement.

 CanadianFireball Cinnamon Whiskey


Like the name implies, this is a cinnamon tasting whiskey. It’s very sweet for hard liquor –  it has an almost candy taste. This opens it up for a ton of possibilities for mixed drinks. One of my favorites, especially around the holidays, is Hot Mulled Cider.

 BourbonBuffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Truthfully, there are a ton of bourbons that could go in this spot. But this is one of the best deals out there. A smooth bourbon with a vanilla, caramel taste, it goes down very smooth. A seasoned drinker and a rookie can enjoy it equally. And a fifth of it usually goes for less than 30 dollars and can be found around 20 on sale.