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I’ve already done a first impressions on this watch here. But after two weeks with the watch I have a more comprehensive opinion.


I’ve worn this watch for the better part of two weeks. It is a heavy watch but comfortable. The leather strap doesn’t pinch the skin, like stainless steel bands sometimes do on heavy watches.

My wrist was a little sore at a few points from carrying around the weight, but after adjusting the strap it was fine.


spectrefrontThe first day I wore it it was consistently fast and I had to keep resetting it. But I’ve found that for almost every automatic I’ve owned. I reset it to US Navy Time the next day. That was Monday morning. The next Sunday night it was only about 30 seconds slow. And I didn’t even wear it one of the days.

This weekend, I reset it again and wore it two days. By the end of the second day it was only a few seconds slow.


I have kids and in the past two weeks, this watched has been banged on more than once. And it still looks great. There may be a few small scratches on the steel bezel but the crystal is fine and the strap still looks flawless.


This is the only disappointing part of this watch. The lume is pathetic. It hardly ever glows at all, no matter how long it’s been in daylight during that day. The lume is even worse than my Orient Ray’s, which I didn’t think was possible.


The watch looks great, wears well, and keeps fine time. It has a unique look and is from a unique company.

Would I spend the retail price on it? I don’t think so, but that’s not because I think it’s a bad price. A seconds hacking watch on a leather strap with a sapphire crystal is a good deal under 500 USD.

IMG_4116.forwebjpgThe problem is when I’m paying that much, I’m looking for a dress watch for my most formal occasions. This watch isn’t really a formal watch. It doesn’t even really work as an office watch because it’s too casual for that as well. It has the perfect Casual Friday and Weekend Watch look to me. But then it’s features feel like overkill to use for that purpose.

But overall it’s a great watch. When it’s on my wrist, it’s my favorite watch. I’m interested in seeing what Lew & Huey do next. The best review of this watch is this – I’ll most likely buy another Lew & Huey in the future.