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So, new watch companies pop-up every day on Kickstarter. Be forewarned they are not all worthy of your time and money. Here are a few whose creators have not only funded more than one project through Kickstarter they’ve also created a good reputation for themselves with watch enthusiasts. The watches they created also look great in my opinion.

All of these brands use sapphire for their crystals and reliable Swiss Quartz or Japanese Automatic movements. Some other Kickstarter projects skimp on things like that and will still charge the same or more.

I know this is a little late for Christmas gifts, but you most likely wouldn’t be getting the watch in time anyway. Think of it as a head start on next year.

(All pictures taken from the brand’s Kickstarter pages)

ea5b5d95469816c9d1d87cf49f8dfa6a_largeLew & Huey http://www.lewandhuey.com/

I own one of these watches which you can read the review of here  – Lew & Huey Spectre Review

This brand has built up a solid reputation for creating unique watches with excellent finishing and customer support. Their styles range from Diver, Aviator, Racing, to Dressy. Their pieces are not blatant ripoffs of classic watch design, they’re original creations.

033c37c6f636b35864450d6bbb5bdfd5_largeMelbourne Watch Co.  http://www.melbournewatch.com.au/

This micro-brand is known for creating affordable automatic dress watches. Like Lew and Huey their designs are unique. Very dressy, with just the right amount of flair.

Helgray/Rossling & Co/Makara




879a27a37db4de607a235b09e32ca4a4_largeThese three companies all involve Nadim Elgarhy as a founder and a creative force. Helgray is the brand for military inspired quartz watches.A racing watch and a dress watch are forthcoming as well. While these watches have clear inspirations, Nadim has a knack for creating perfectly detailed watches. I’ve seen field watches before, but I’ve never seen one as gorgeously laid 1b3b9820b2c70fd8182ac20b8a450727_largeout as the Helgray.

Rossling & Co is the Bauhas design brand. It has both quartz and automatic thin dress watches. The watches have simple designs, but they are plainly elegant. They look like a much more expensive watch.

Makara Watches is the Diver label. It includes Dive watches with automatic movements in bronze and stainless steel cases. In truth, it’s my least favorite look of the three brands. Still, it’s a good value for the watch you are getting. This brand wasn’t launched on Kickstarter, but their watches can be ordered from their website.



To be totally honest, I don’t really like these watches. They’re a little outre for my tastes. However, Zelos has also built up a good reputation and has produced more than one round of watches. So, if you appreciate their look, you shouldn’t have anyqualms about backing one of their Kickstarters.