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Since, I’ve been an adult I’ve experimented with the shaving. I have a thick, coarse beard and very sensitive skin. Cartridge razors don’t give a great shave. I started using Gillette Mach3s and changed to each more-bladed successor. I can get an alright shave from these razors but I could never get a really smooth shave and often got ingrown hairs. So, about a year ago I began wet-shaving using a double-edge razor.
Even though it’s more work I can get a smoother shave and now have less ingrown hairs.
Based on my own preferences and some research I came up with this setup –
Double- Edge Razor: Merkur Classic Safety Razor, Straight
Cartridge Razor: GilletteFusion ProGlide Power
Shaving Soap: Williams Mug Shaving Soap
Aftershave: Aqua Velva Cooling After Shave Classic Ice Blue or Witch Hazel
After some time, I came up with a routine. Currently I’m shaving the night before all workdays. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night I shave with a combination of the Merkur and the Gillette Fusion.
During double-edge shaving you’re supposed to do three passes. But I wasn’t getting  good detailing so I started using the Fusion for a fourth pass. That was irritating my face and giving me a lot of razor rash. So now I do two passes with the DE and one pass with the Fusion on my first and last day of shaving. In the middle shave I only do one pass with the Merkur. On Sunday nights I do an out pass with the DE and on Thursday nights I do a in pass with the DE. All other nights I just do up and down passes.
On the days I use the Fusion only I do one or two passes as needed. If I use shaving soap instead of shaving cream I find a second pass isn’t irritating.
But after a while, I started to wonder if I could get a better shave. I haven’t been able to shave with the Feather without nicking myself at least once. So I decided to start testing some different products out. I’m starting with razor blades. I bought a sampler pack and I’m ready to go!The blades I’m going to test are as follows-
Nicet Platinum
Astra Superior Platinum
Bic Chrome Platinum
Wilkinson Sword
Derby Extra
Gillette 7 O’Clock
Shark Super Chrome
Gillette Silver Blue
Personna “Red”
Nacet Stainless
Personna “Blue”
I’ll post my impressions of each blade as a test it.
Finally, for some more info, this article from The Sweethome was very helpful in acquiring my original setup.
And I used these sites to research what things I should test  – Badger and Blade Forum