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On to the second week of testing.


Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out

After one shave, I’m very impressed. It’s a very smooth shave, I felt no tug or pull and have less irritation than I’ve had with either the Feather or the Nicet. Almost no irritiation at all. No nicks or cuts either, though I don’t know if I’m just getting better at this double-edge razor shaving.

Not nearly as close as the Feather. Hard to compare to the Nicet – on the Nicet’s best day this is about even in terms of closeness. However this is after few days of stubble, the Nicet’s best day was after a whole week of shaving.

Day 2 – 1 Pass
So this blade may be too smooth. Too smooth and almost dull. Still have stubble on my cheeks and mustache and long hairs on my neck. Had to go over everything multiple times during the 2nd pass with the Fusion and have nicks to show for it and razor bumps on my neck.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In
So disappointing after such a promising first shave. The second pass seemed to help today as I got a little closer on my cheeks and neck. But my face still hasn’t really recovered from the bad shave on the second day. After two passes with the Astra and one with the Fusion I’ve got a nick, my neck is razor burned, and I’ve got a stubbly moustache, beard, and neck. At the end of the week the Nicet actually gave a better shave, I guess this blade is a one and done.