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Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out
This testing has taught me not to count one good shave as a good blade. Or even one decent shave. The Blue Bird pulls much more than the Astra or the Feather, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. The pressure feels more akin to a cartridge shave; it’s not tugging pressure like the Nicet. The pressure may have helped me not cut myself as well.

I changed up my routine a little, which I know you shouldn’t do during testing, but after two weeks of bad shaves I had to try. First change was during the lather. I lathered my face up and then rinsed it off. Then I lathered up as normal for all three passes. The extra lathering did seem to make my beard softer and easier to shave.

Secondly, instead of going down, up, and up while shaving my neck, I went down, up, down. My neck was too sore, I had to try something.

By the end of my shave I had some odd results. One of my closer shaves all around but the detailing was bad. My moustache area and the places near my beard still have stubble. I had two small nicks on my neck, but the irritation on it was much less than the Feather and the Astra.


Day 2 – 1 Pass
Today’s shave was very smooth but not the closest.  I still have stubble all over my face and like before the detailing is not good. No cuts today and only minor irritation on my neck. I have a few bumps and more ingrown hairs than normal, but that may be from last week.

I don’t think we can give the blade all the credit for the smoother shave, I let the brush soak much longer than before and concentrated on getting a better lather. I’m also getting better at my technique gradually.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In
I was lazy yesterday and went a day without shaving. But even with the extra growth I still got a comfortable smooth shave. But not a close one. I don’t know if its my technique or the blade. I’ve been concentrating on going slower, not applying pressure, making sure the lather is right, and my face is wet. I’ve also decided to go down, down with the DE razor and go up only once with the Fusion. Sharper lines that way. I think all of that is obviously helping reduce my nicks, cuts, and irritation but I don’t think it should be reducing the closeness of the shave this much. I think it’s the blade.

On the third day with this blade, I felt the pull again, I think because of the extra growth. But the pull isn’t painful, it helps guide you. No burn on my cheeks, and what I think is the least amount of irritation on my neck ever. The shave is not close however. There are spots where it looks like I just didn’t shave, and not just on my neck like normal.

The upside of the this blade is that it’s very smooth, not very aggressive, and you can feel it’s pressure so it’s hard to cut yourself with it. The big downside is it’s not aggressive enough, it’s not really closer than a cartridge shave. Also, at the end of this week I have more ingrown hairs and small pimples than I had with the other blades. Not sure if I can blame that on the blade.

This is probably good for a person with a light beard and sensitive skin that’s not prone to breakouts. If that kind of combination exists somehow. But why wouldn’t that person just shave with a cartridge razor?