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So, in my experience the Gillette Fusion is the cartridge razor to shave with. But it is incredibly expensive. A few of my friends were fans of Harry’s and I had been seeing their ads everywhere so I thought I would give them a try. Their website advertises ” An exceptional shave at a fraction of the price”.

I went to their website and ordered “The Winston Set”, figuring since it was the more expensive one it must be the better one somehow.

It arrived faster than I expected, just a few business days later. And as I unboxed it, I was very impressed by the packaging and presentation. But when I actually shaved….


Sorry Harry’s, but a good shave isn’t the best shave. After one shave, I don’t think Harry’s is replacing my Gillette Fusion ProGlide as my primary cartridge razor anytime soon.

I did two passes – one with the grain, and then another shaving upwards on the neck (like I almost always do with the Fusion). I didn’t want to give Harry’s an extra advantage so I prepped my face the same way I do with the Fusion. I washed my face once, patted dry, wetted the shaving area, and applied the first round of lather. After the first shave I didn’t re-wet my face, I just applied a second round of lather. I rarely re-wet my face when shaving with the Fusion. The whole point of the cartridge razor shave is for it to be a quicker shave.

The razor is sharp and cuts pretty close, but not as close as Fusion. And the shave isn’t as smooth either. I felt much more tugging. It’s not nearly as bad as the Schick Quattro, but it just doesn’t compare to the Fusion. The head is flexible, but it doesn’t pivot enough to get good sharp lines. I didn’t realize how good the Fusion is at creating clean lines until I tested Harry’s.

This is bizarre, but when I was shaving up on my neck on the second pass I didn’t feel anything. So I thought it would feel fine after. But as I’m writing this my neck is burning now and there’s more hair left over than after a Fusion shave.I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by Harry’s supposed “exceptional shave”