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Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out
I  have got to be be honest, I’m not sure if the razor blades are changing at this point or my technique is changing. I do think I’m learning that there’s a difference between a blade that drags and a blade that pulls.The Bic had a lot of drag today, but it never felt like it was pulling. I think the drag was more than the Blue Bird even, but the shave itself was less irritating. One minor nick and almost no visible  red spots and my face feels great.

But like I said, I don’t know if the blades are changing or my technique is. I have less irritation than ever, but the detailing and closeness of the shaves keeps getting worse. I mean on my cheeks the Bic’s promised sharpness was evident, a very close shave. But detailing around my moustache area and the ends of my goatee and beard were awful. Luckily, cleaning up with the Fusion didn’t hurt. But after the 3rd pass (against the grain with the Fusion) it still looks like I missed a whole side of neck.

The overall goal is a blade that give the closest shave with the best detailing and the least irritation, but that’s probably not a realistic goal. At this point the Bic is still in the running for best all-around blade.


Day 2 – 1 Pass
I have to confess, I may have screwed up the testing today. Yesterday, on one of my cartridge only days I shaved with a Harry’s Razor, instead of Fusion. You can read about it on this blog post. The problem is I got a number of red bumps on my neck from the Harry’s Razor yesterday. I was also in a hurry and forget to do the lather only pass I’ve been doing lately.Anyway, today’s shave was awful. It doesn’t look like I shaved anywhere and my neck is all red, and the bumps from yesterday are back.

I don’t know how much of the bad shave gets blamed on the blade and how much on the other circumstances, but I’m afraid this Chrome might also be a one and done.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In
Once again, I skipped one of my cartridge only days and that may have been a mistake. I got huge cut over my lip today on the very first pass. The whole area my mouth is terrible.

My shave looks very sloppy. My beard has progressively gotten more and more uneven as  I test the different blades. At least my neck looks like a pretty close shave in certain places.

Because of the huge cut, I used Witch Hazel today as my aftershave.

I was very disappointed in the Bic blade. It’s one of the most well regarded blades and I was hoping it would perform well on my face. I  know I sabotaged this test by changing out the Fusion for a Harry’s once this week and skipping a day, but I still think the blade should have performed much better. It was only sharp enough to cut through my beard when it was cutting my face.