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Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out

I’m impressed by this blade in its first outing and it had a lot going against it. I had a cold all weekend so the area right under my nose is very raw and the cut from the last shave is still healing. So, I only did two passes on my moustache area.

The Wilkinson cuts smooth and quickly, like a knife through butter. I don’t have much irritation but I did get a pretty sizable nick on my cheek.

The shave on my neck and on my cheek is close, not as close as the Feather or as close as some of the closest shaves I’ve gotten during testing, but definitely impressive. The area around my mouth is very patchy, but that’s because of the cut, and my cold, and only one pass, etc.

Have to remember not to judge on day 1, let’s see if the results are consistent or better on days 2 and 3.

Day 2 – 1 Pass In 

I’m still liking this blade. It feels like the right blend of smoothness, closeness, and comfort.

To be honest, the area right underneath my nose is still hurting from my cold. But I still got a good all around shave. I re-opened the nick on my cheek but it doesn’t hurt. My neck is a little red after shaving but it doesn’t burn at all, I think that’s left over from the last two weeks of not great shaves. We’ll see how it stands up on Day 3.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In

Ok, so tonight I shaved off my winter beard and left only my usual soul patch. And I’m impressed by the Wilkinson sword blade still.

First I trimmed my beard as low as I could. Then I started my normal shave bit including the beard area. For the second pass I went up on my neck instead of down. After two passes a bit of the beard remained so I had to do a mini-pass on the patches. Then I did my usual third pass with the fusion.

The whole time the Wilkinson blade cut smoothly. I have no cuts anywhere and my face and neck both feel fine. My cheeks, neck are nice and close. My sideburns and goatee area are a Little uneven, but that’s always the case after shaving off my beard. I have a lot of little red bumps on my neck but that’s because I went up twice.

I really like this blade. I tested it under not ideal conditions an it performed well. It doesn’t cut as close as the Feather but it’s the closet of the blades I’ve tested. It’s much more forgiving than the Feather and it doesn’t tear up my neck.

Right now, this blade looks like the  leader but we have. A lot testing left.