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Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out

This blade tugs a lot. I think more than almost any other blade I tried. But it doesn’t hurt, it’s just uncomfortable.  While I was shaving I thought I was getting a decent shave and thinking maybe the tugging was helping me not cut myself. But no, a terrible shave with patches everyhwhere and multiple cuts on my neck. At least I don’t have any post shave irritation. Well, those cuts.

Day 2 – 1 Pass

So I’m not sure what happened but the shave on Day 2 is light years ahead of the shave on Day 1. The blade cut easily with hardly any tugging. I didn’t shave yesterday and I got a great lather so those two things may have helped a lot.

The actual shave is nice and close, not the closest but noticeably better than a cartridge only shave. No irritation to speak off, just a few minor bumps on my neck.

It’s like night and day the difference between the two shaves, I’m not sure what to think of the blade.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In

On Day 3 the pressure during the shave was between Day 1 and Day 2. It didn’t feel like it was pulling my hairs out like Day 1, but it wasn’t gliding like Day 2. I was able to get one of the closest shaves ever, but at a price. My neck is very red and irritated and has some small cuts.

I don’t like this blade. It’s too inconsistent. You need a blade to be predictable to get good shaves out of it. One great shave doesn’t stack up to the Wilkinson’s three consistent very good shaves.