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Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out

So, I confess that I changed my technique once more. I know! But my neck shave has been unacceptable the past few weeks. I lathered my neck an additional time before I did the up pass with the Fusion.

This blade performs weirdly. Parts of my face are baby butt smooth and other parts are stubbly. Detailing is terrible. It tugged a lot around my lip but glided over other parts of my face.

One tiny cut. My face isn’t irritated but I have small bumps everywhere. Even on my cheek were I don’t usually get them.


Day 2 – 1 Pass

I just don’t get this blade. Again, parts of my face are very close and other parts look like I completely missed them. These are within millimeters of each other.

The shave was much smoother this time with much less pressure, but I did get a good close shave last night with the cartridge.

I cut myself pretty bad on my neck. During the downward pass somehow. I also have small bumps on my cheek and neck. I think this blade may be giving me some minor acne.

On Day 2, it’s pretty much already out of contention.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In

I really dislike this blade. Yet, again a totally inconsisent shave. It looks like I went over parts of my face multiple times and ignored other parts. And the detailing is simply atrocious.  But then again, maybe I’ve started to examine my face more closely post-shave.

I was able to get it to glide on my cheeks a bit better tonight. But couldn’t get it to do anything really on my neck. Didn’t feel like it was reducing the grain unless it was causing razor burn. And tonight I realize I dread shaving around my mouth with this. It always feels like all the hairs are being yanked out forcefully in that area.

One small cut that stings a bit and a lot of red bumps. Honestly I think it’s a combination of razor burn and acne caused by this razor.

I had high hopes for the Shark but it was an awful experience each shave. It’s actually in the running for worst blade I’ve ever used. Well except for that CVS Brand. Ouch, talk about yanking.