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Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out

It’s so nice to be using a decent blade again, after the debacle of the last two weeks. This was a much more comfortable shave, though it did still tug a bit around my mustache. I confess, I did hurry through the shave a little, since I haven’t been enjoying shaving much lately.

The results aren’t great, but they aren’t terrible either. A decent amount of closeness in most areas, not some of the best I’ve seen, but definitely better than the last two weeks.

In terms of sharp lines and evenness it’s completely atrocious, but I think that has more to do with the speed I shaved tonight. I hope.

No cuts and my face doesn’t burn at all. I’ve got some very tiny red bumps and some acne flaring up, but honestly I think that’s just left over from last week. This blade seems to be much gentler on my skin than the Gillette Silver Blue.

Personna Red

Day 2 – 1 Pass
The actual shave with this blade is a more pleasant experience than both the Silver Blue and the Shark, and the results are better. But they’re not great.

Nice gliding feel to the shave today and only slight mild discomfort around my mouth.

Yesterday, I did two passes with the Fusion Razor, I had been doing only one on my cartridge only days to reduce irritation the past few weeks. But I’ve never had a real close shave the past few weeks either. I also turned on the vibration during the Fusion pass tonight to see if that would help. I think I probably just need to get a new blade. I was switching them after every fifth shave religious when I first started testing, but then I realized that’s like .70 per shave! Now, I wait until they’re worn down.

So, I’ve once again drastically changed the testing.

Anyway, on to the results. A decent, if not BBS shave. Detailing is some of the best I’ve had in weeks, nice sharp lines. Small cuts in multiple places and a lot of razor bumps. It doesn’t really burn though.

To be honest, this whole testing is starting to feel like an exercise in futility. I may just go back to the Feather blades after all is said and done.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In
Yet again, I’m messing with the variables. I had to shower tonight before shaving.  So my beard was softer but it was much harder to see.

How was the actual shave? Nice gliding feel, no tugging. The results? Not as good. A fairly close shave and my neck is almost clean. No cuts, but lots of little red bumps and I have some acne from shaving all week.

In the end this isn’t going to top the Feather or the Wilkinson. The shaves were good but not great and the results were fair.