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Day 1 – 2 Passes, 1 Out

Sometimes I wonder if there’s even a point to continue testing a blade after a bad shave. This shave started out well and then went downhill fast

First pass was good. Nice gliding feeling, almost singing. Didn’t tug much on the mustache and was reducing decently. But as soon as I started the second pass the blade felt dull. The second pass didn’t seem like it was cutting any hairs at all. By the end of the second pass my cheeks were burning.

The results aren’t good either. Red bumps everywhere, small cuts in a few place and a patch of acne where my neck meets my face. And the shave isn’t even close! Patches of hair on my neck and a shadow all around my face.

This shave was so bad, it doesn’t matter how good the next two shaves are, I’m never using this blade again. But I suppose I’ll persist for testing purposes.

Nacet Stainless

Day 2 – 1 Pass
It’s a shame that the shave for this razor is enjoyable, but the results are bad. Today it was gliding well and no tugging really at all. However, still have razor bumps, small cuts, and shaving caused more acne. Maybe I need to clean my actual razor and razor stand? A decent reduction of stubble, but my neck is very uneven.

Day 3 – 2 Passes, 1 In

The last day was better and worse. I didn’t shave yesterday, so I had extra stubble today.  The stainless glided nicely over my face but tugged near my mouth.The results are better than before. It’s a closer shave all-around but very uneven lines and patches of hair. About a medium closeness on all the tested places.

Hardly any burn and not really many red bumps.

So, each shave was better than the last but I need a more versatile blade. There’s still no getting over day 1 because I’m not going to shave on weekends to keep the stubble down.  My face needs a rest.

The Wilkinson or Feather are the only contenders still. I’m hoping the Personna blue lives up to hype. It’s the most recommended blade on the Internet other then the Feather.