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After determining that the Feather is the correct razor blade for me, I decided to test aftershaves next.

I have very sensitive skin and a lot of fragrances make me break out or cause rashes. I also found that when I use an aftershave balm or lotion they tend to cause breakouts as well. So, my aftershave options are limited to splashes only. Currently I use Aqua Velva and I have no complaints, but I was wondering if there’s a better option for me out there. Well, I guess the one complaint I have is that it’s a very old man smelling aftershave.

Before testing, I needed to limit what I was testing, so I made some ground rules.

  1. The splash had to be available at local retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, etc.

  2. The splash couldn’t have any ingredients higher than “Low Health Concern” according to the Good Guide.

Using this criteria, what I came up with to test against the Aqua Velva were only two items – Clubman Pinaud and Gilette Cool Wave.


Since Pinaud seems to be all the rage on the message boards lately, I tried it first. Putting it on it stings much more than the Aqua Velva. The smell that lingers afterwards is almost always described as a “barbershop” smell but my wife described it as “smelling like baby lotion”. Either way, it’s a pretty strong, pleasant scent.

Even though it stung more going on, after shaving it reducing the redness and razor bumps on my face more than the Aqua Velva. Or maybe I’m just imagining it did because it “feels” like its working when you put it on. It’s very hard to tell.

The next few days I tested the Gillette Cool Wave. Applying it to my face it didn’t sting any more than the Aqua Velva, in fact it might be a little milder. It seemed to do exactly the same job in terms of decreasing the bumps and burn.

The problem with the Cool Wave the scent. Definitely the most powerful of the three and the least pleasant to me. I guess they were going for a masculine smell, but it ends up smelling like you’re putting deodorant on your face.

After giving each splash a chance, I’m still undecided. On the one hand the Pinaud smells the best and reduces irritation well. On the other hand, the Aqua Velva is the best all around. Despite the Cool Wave technically being the best at comforting my face, the smell is so heinous I just can’t use it.