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So, in my goal to acquire all the Johnnie Walker labels I recently acquired the Platinum Label. Here are my thoughts on it-

platinumlabelThe nose has a mild smooth smell. In the mouth has a very pure almost water-like taste. The finish is peppery with the slightest hint of gin. It’s a very drinkable whiskey.

I thought it would be useful to compare it to other color labels. The closest bottles I have to compare is the original Gold Label and the original Green Label.

Compared to Gold Label  it’s not quite as drinkable. The Gold Label is smoother and has only a hint of peppery finish. But it also had no real aftertaste.

Compared to the Green Label it’s about the same in terms of sipping. The green label has a peatier taste which makes it not quite as smooth. The green label’s aftertaste is about even between a just a burn and a peppery finish.

Personally, the Gold Label is still my favorite (other than the one-day attainable Blue) but the Platinum is definitely a great addition if you’re a Johhnie Walker fan.