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So, it’s summer and it’s hot. As much as I like drinking whiskey straight a nice mixed drink is more refreshing in the heat. Here are a few of my favorite whiskey concoctions.

Dickel 8 & 7
This is Dickel’s version of a 7 and 7.The official Dickel website recommends number 8 but I prefer to use the Cascade Hollow as the base. It’s a great mix of sweet and sour. If you can find it, it’s not on their website anymore. I hope it’s still in production.

Bourbon Lemonade
I love Bourbon and I love lemonade. What could be more refreshing?

Maker’s and Coke
This is the perfect summer drink to me. A Jack and Coke is for when there’s nothing good at the bar. A Jameson and Coke feels wintry to me. Other bourbons fit other moods, but a Maker’s and Coke is perfect all summer.