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The first Shave Soap/Creme up for testing is the Kiss My Face Moisture Shave.

Day 1

I happened to buy a travel size so I thought I’d take it with me on a trip and shave with it. I only brought my Fusion razor on the trip so I couldn’t test it against the double- edge razor for the first day.

I was quite impressed, nice and smooth and close, probably the best shave I’ve had with only a cartridge, only downside is it’s clumps like lotion so it’s hard to get defined lines.

Day 2

Back home, I try it with the a more normal routine. Three passes – one down with the double-edge, one out with the DE, and one up with the Fusion. It does not work as well with a DE. The lather dissipates to quickly, especially on my neck. Got a few red bumps on it tonight.

Day 3
Today, I see the bumps on my neck from yesterday all day. While shaving tonight I didn’t get a good lather at all. I forgot to re-wet my face after washing it and only wetted my hands. So perhaps that’s why the I couldn’t get a decent foam.

The places that the lather stayed cut nice and smoothly. Obviously much rougher where my neck and cheeks dried up. One more day, and well see how it works out

Day 4
This was the second day I tested it using my Merkur. This time I made sure to wet my face and my hands. But again the lather dries up too quickly to be effective. I didn’t get as close as shave as normal. Especially around the neck. I I also cut myself right over my lip. That hasn’t happened for a while.

After a week of testing, this is not a great shaving solution for double-edge shaving. I am however, seriously considering to use it on my cartridge only days. I got some great shaves with the Fusion and it was much quicker than having to lather with a brush.

We’ll see how the remainders of the test work out.