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Over the weekend I got more growth than normal. Maybe, it was the testing from last week. Anyway, on to the next test.

Day 1

Tonight, was round one with the ProRaso White. Just opening it up I liked what I saw. It came in its own little plastic container that I can use as the mug. It also came with a mini booklet talking about ProRaso’s Italian shaving heritage.

I wetted my face, grabbed my brush, and started lathering. The lather went on quickly and smoothly. It almost came out of the container ready to go.

As I applied it to my face, I could feel a menthol-like tingle. It is seriously probably the best lather I ever had. All three passes were good and it didn’t take as long to work up a good lather as the Williams. And the lather was longer lasting than the Kiss My Face.

The results are also impressive. My face is so smooth. My neck feels and looks like the closest shave I’ve ever gotten. My cheeks and mustache also feel incredibly smooth even though they don’t look as close.

I have a small cut near my sideburns, but I blame that on being overzealous with my inside-out pass.

I still have some red bumps on my neck and a little bit of acne around my lip, but I think that’s from last week’s testing.

Because of the cuts and the irritation I used witch hazel instead of my aftershave tonight. I am a bit concerned about the ProRaso and the Gillette Cool Wave clashing. They’re both very strong scents so I’m hoping they don’t smell bad together or cause me to break out.

A very strong contender so far, we’ll see how it handles a Fusion only day tomorrow.ProRaso

Day 2

Ok, so I had a late night so I shaved more quickly than should have. Another good lather and another close shave.

Very sloppy though, which I blame on my speed. A lot of razor rash on my neck, which I also attribute to the speed.

I did use the Cool Wave aftershave tonight. Combined with the ProRaso it was definitely a tingly sensation. The scent doesn’t seem overpowering though, it was a nice mix.

I’m going to take it nice and slow tomorrow and see if I get better results.

Day 3

So, I ended up taking the day off yesterday. I was hoping that it help my rash heal and my skin clear up a bit, but it did not. Since I skipped the 2nd double-egde/fusion shave that would usually happen yesterday, I did that shave tonight.

I love the process of shaving with the ProRaso but not the results. The shave was nice and smooth, the lather was voluminuous. It felt great. Except around my mouth, Ifelt more pulling than before.

But there were multiple weepers on my neck after the shave. More razor rash. And my mustache area looks terrible. I was trying to avoid a breakout I had on one side but for some reason both sides look terrible. It looks like I somehow just missed parts of my face to shave.

My skin is looking worse each day I use the ProRaso, so I don’t think I can continue to blame it on last week.

One more day of testing, but I think this is unusable for me in the long run.

Day 4

So, there is no day four. I got sick and didn’t shave. My face broke out even worse. Definite no on the ProRaso, my face can’t take it.