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Day 1

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I’m applying this correctly. I wet my face and then used my shaving brush to create the lather on my face. Lathering on my face is something I’d read about but never done before – interesting.

Anyway, while lathering I noticed a very strong lemon smell, much stronger than the faint scent of the Williams Mug. It’s pleasant, just strong.

The actual shaving was fine. The blade cut well and glided fine. I could feel the tugging over my mouth, but it seems like that is unavoidable.

I’m very impressed with the results. A smooth, smooth shave. Maybe the closest I’ve ever gotten on my cheeks and near the closest I’ve ever gotten on my neck.

No redness and only a small slight nick on my neck. One of the shallowest nicks I’ve ever got. Despite the absence of redness when I applied my aftershave it stung quite a bit more than usual. And over an hour later it’s still stinging a bit.

After Day 1, my face looks like it’s gotten the best shave. I’m a little concerned with the aftershave burning so much. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

Day 2

I skipped day 2. One last day of vacation.

Day 3

Ok, so I still didn’t look it up the proper method for using the shave stick. But today’s just one pass with the Merkur and one pass with the fusion.

I lathered sort of the same as before. I didn’t reapply the stick after the first and second pass I just re -athered on my face.

During the shave the blade glided easily. It was even pretty smooth around my mustache area.

It didn’t sting as much as before while applying the aftershave, but I also got multiple small nicks on my neck. I think I need to find out the “correct” way to apply the stick.

My face is nice and smooth again despite the skipped days. My cheeks still burn a bit and so does my neck.

I like the results Arko gives me,but is it worth the burn!?

Day 4

I skipped day 4 as well. Wasn’t feeling well.

Day 5

So, I did some research and found out there’s a few methods to use the shave stick. Lathering on face is one method. Today I used a different method I cut a piece of the shave stick off and lathered in the bowl. Still got a decent lather but on the third pass it was starting to die. Still easier to build the lather than the Williams.

In terms of actual shave this is most impressed I’ve been so far. Cuts through my beard like butter and only tugs a bit around my mouth.

The results are the closest and most consistent shaves I’ve gotten so far.

Lathering in bowl seems to have helped to reduce the post shave discomfort a lot. Applying aftershave still stung more than Williams but not as much as before. And my face is feels fine now with just some slight burn on my neck.

I’m really impressed with the Arko shave stick. I get great shaves with it. The only downside is the discomfort after shaving.

We’ll see how the  rest if them testing goes, but Arko has a shot for the permanent rotation.