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Day 1
First of – this soap is very wide and didn’t fit in my regular shaving  mug. So I had to put it into one of those plastic stadium souvenir cups. I’m afraid it may start to smell eventually.
Despite the odd lather mug, this soap lathers very quickly and applies evenly. I was also impressed by the staying power of the lather. But it supposed to be unscented? It smelled lemony to me, but that may be the after effects of the Arko and the Williams on the brush. And this has never happened before,on the second and third passes the lathering burned my face.
A great shave, the Feather cut smoothly through my stubble. Least amount of drag I’ve ever had.  One of the closest shaves I’ve ever got. Minor, minor nicks. Messed up the line on my goatee, but that was my own fault.
Afterwards my aftershave did burn, more than the aAko did. I have some red bumps. And my neck is itchy and burns slightly. I think this may be bad for my skin.
I’m like the look Art of Shaving gives me, but it’s probably not worth it.
Day 2
What a different experience Day 2 was. The lather whipped up fast as usual and was applied to my face easily. It had an impressive staying power once again. Only a slight hint of lemon  now, I think I got most if it out.
The lather was great; everything else was horrible. While shaving it felt like I was scraping my face with the Fusion.Not pleasant or smooth at all.
My face feels raw. My neck has nicks and I’m starting to break out on my cheeks.
Ugh, if day 3 isn’t better I may call this one early.
Day 3
I’m calling it. This is not going to displace Williams and it’s not better than Arko.
By the time I was doing the lather for my second pass my face was already starting to hurt. The razor tugged at my neck tonight and hurt.
I have nicks all over my neck. At least that’s a close shave. The beard on my face is uneven and messy.
I used witch hazel tonight as aftershave and that didn’t burn going on, but I still feel my lip area and neck burning.
I’m taking a shave off tomorrow and finishing out with the Williams.