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Day 13 passes; 1 out.
Ok, so  I’m not going to to describe the shaves and the shave results anymore unless really necessary. At this point they’re all great smooth shaves with some of the closest results I’ve ever gotten.
Again, this puck was too big to put in a coffee mug. even an oversize one. So, today I lathered it up on the cellophane wrap.
While applying the brush to my face I was hit by the scent. Which I suppose is what sandalwood smells like. It’s pleasant, just hope it doesn’t cause breakouts.
What impressed was the staying power and the thickness if this soap. I always lather first, rinse off, and then lather again before the first pass.  It was actually hard to rinse the soap off my beard it was so thick.
During the last lather when I squeezed the remnants from the brush I got a nice creamy, Barbasol-like foam.
While applying my aftershave it did sting a little, but much less than both the Arko or the Art of Shaving.
Liking this so far, let’s so how it handles the Gillette Fusion tomorrow.taylorofoldbond

Day 21 pass
The thickness of the lather is nice but I don’t like how I can feel a sensation on my face while I’m shaving. It also stung when combined with my aftershave.

I’m starting to get red bumps on my neck.
Day 32 passes
This is a case of every shave being worse than the last.
Firstly, I find the tingling sensation felt while this soap is on my face more annoying each time. It is starting to be really uncomfortable.
Secondly, the lather was fine for the first pass but did not hold up at all on the second. It all evaporated!
And lastly, it hurts. I have red bumps all over my neck. I have some pimples caused by the soap. Though at least it’s the smallest shaving related breakout so far. I applied witch hazel tonight and it felt like it was fighting the tingling sensation in the soap.
So this soap is a definite no and no more testing. Taking the day off and finishing the week with the Williams. Again!
I’m going to be disappointed if after all this testing I end up with the same blade and shave soap. Not my wife though – she’ll just be mad I spent money on all this testing!