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Day 1

It definitely smells like almonds. And oatmeal. It’s a pleasant smell to my nostrils though. I’m not blown away by the lather staying power. Better than the Williams but it as good as any of other actual soaps I’ve tested. Though I didn’t put it in the mug, I left it in its plastic casing. I’ll put it in my shaving mug tomorrow night and see if that improves the lather.

A great shave though. I didn’t get that nice smooth gliding feeling I got with some other soaps but it didn’t tug either. It pulled a little around my mustache but I guess that’s just the way it will always be.

Very smooth, no bumps or redness. A few nicks but that’s because I was getting lazy with the razor.

While applying the aftershave it stung slightly. Worse than the Williams but more mild then everything else that stung. Few after effects now.

So far, so good. But will it be an improvement over the Williams and the Arko?


Day 2

Put the soap in the mug today, the lather was a little better but still not near the top of everything tested. The shave was okay, but not great, the Col. Conks just doesn’t cut the same swath as the other soaps. The aftershave stung quite a bit after shaving and I have some red bumps. But at least my face doesn’t burn now.

After two days I’m starting to think this isn’t an improvement over Williams or Arko.

Day 3

Conk’s is the worst I’ve tested at both the lathering and the actual shave.  Its burn is ok, but the bumps are becoming too bad. The duration of lather on my neck is horrendous, worse than Williams by far. I’ve got some small nicks tonight.

I think that pretty much seals it. I’m going to finish out the week with the Almonds but skip tomorrow night.

I believe that Arko wins, and I’m going to go back to that next week. Hopefully it doesn’t blue. Too much or make me break out.

Day 5

So I did end up shaving last night, using the Kiss my face and the Fusion. Would have liked that to be a little less irritating as well.

I ended up finishing off the week with Col. Conk on the last day and that  didn’t do anything to change my mind. Worse lather, worse friction on shave, and more red bumps. The only upside is is that it doesn’t cause my skin to break out. It doesn’t come close to replacing the Williams.

So after all this testing I’m going to try Arko in the for one more week. Hopefully it doesn’t annoy my skin. If it does after all this the Williams is the winner.

At least I found Kiss My Face as a good travel shave.