So, as I get older and my offspring also gets older, I think more about when they will be of drinking age. When my children were born I bought bottles of Johnnie Walker to save for their 21st birthdays. I thought they would be good coming- of-age gifts and hopefully impart some decent taste in alcohol on to them.

But now, I’m having second thoughts. We have a history of alcoholics on both my side of the family and my wife’s. We’re going to teach responsibility, moderation, and proper time and place for alcohol; but addiction can be genetic. I can limit my intake to just a few drinks during select times, but that doesn’t mean my kids will be able to if they start drinking.

So, maybe I won’t have a drink with them on their 21st birthday. I really haven’t decided. Luckily I have plenty of years to go.

They’ve already shown interest in my watch collection. Those are better heirlooms anyway.