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So I got the latest and greatest Fusion upgrade. It’s advertised as having pivot technology for a closer more comfortable shave. After one shave I like it a lot, it’s definitely the best cartridge.


I used as my normal third pass. I put the power on, even though I usually leave it off. It did pivot with my face well, and did give a great shave. Especially on my neck, which is so smooth.

I also did shower and have a an extra day of stubble, which usually makes it easier to shave and lathe. So, we’ll see how it goes under normal circumstances.

A week later…

So, after a full week, yes I like it a lot. Yes, I think it’s better than the last Fusion, though they’re are a few downsides.

The pivoting head does move with your face and allow a closer shave, it also allows you to give yourself more razor burn.

A few minor quibbles.

1 – the pivoting head was the main selling point for me, I’ve always been intrigued by that in electric razors. But I’ve never been able to use an electric because of my tough beard. More irritation aside I like it. I think once I get used to it, it’ll be perfect.

2- The power button. I rarely used it even on the old Fusion Power. But I did test it a few times this week. I think it gets a closer shave and doesn’t seem to cause more cut and burns. But it also makes it hard to get sharp lines. I often mess up my beard shape with it on. But maybe I’ll start using it on the neck more.

If you don’t have a cartridge razor, buy this one, it’s the best. It’ll be expensive but for me it’s worth it. For you it depends on how hard it is for you to shave.