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As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a fan of Jameson. When I saw this in my local liquor store, I just had to give it a go.


Nose – Fainter than  “normal” Jameson (Jameson Irish Whiskey). A little whiff of beer.

Palate– Very, very smooth. Much less peppery than regular Jameson. The sweet caramel taste is more pronounced.

Finish – It sticks to the center of your tongue. Cinnamon taste in back of throat is much less. At first it seems like the taste burns out quicker but the aftertaste lingers on your tongue longer.

A fine whiskey. Like the normal Jameson, I believe you can drink it straight or cut it. However, I think it’s an easier sipping whisky than normal Jameson.

I’ve heard critiques that this is too soft, but I like it. I’m going to drink this one straight and use Jameson Irish Whiskey when I feel like mixing drinks.