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If you spend any time on internet watch forums you’ll see a lot of talk about “grail” watches. The watches you want above all else.Well, I have mine as well.

I also have an impulsive need to categorize and list things. Hence the specific categories for grail watches below.


I gave my definition of dress watch here. Ideally I think you’d want a watch to match your dark dress clothes and one to match your lighter dress clothes.

Light Dress: Jaeger-LeCoulture Reverso

A classic. Simple and refined.JLC is one of the most respected watchmakers in the world. This is something you may be able to pass on to progeny.

Dark Dress: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon

I know this one technically has an useless function which goes against my own rules. But it’s just so gorgeous.

Office Watch

My office is business casual so for an office watch I want something dressy but with a day and date. It needs to be on a leather strap or a bracelet. I’d prefer it to be 40 mm in diameter or less. Ideally, I’d have one on leather for the dry weeks, and one on a stainless steel with some water resistant for the rainy weeks.

On Leather: Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date Auto

I love the day window at the top and the date window at the bottom. Obviously inspired by the Rolex Day-Date, but the overall watch looks nothing like a Rolex. I love this style, sort of fun but also dressy.

On Steel Bracelet:  Seiko 5 SNKL19


Ok, I don’t have anything in mind for an office watch to wear to when it rains. I have some things that have caught my eye, but nothing that makes me want to give up this watch. It’s rock solid in terms of toughness and reliability. And fits all the boxes of what a want an office watch on a bracelet to be.

Friday Watch – Automatic

In my mind a Friday watch has to be something that still qualifies as business casual. It should stilll be on steel or leather. The diameter can be bigger, but the sweet spot is around 42 mm. In a perfect world it has good water resistance and would work as a weekend watch as well.

This leaves open a lot of options and  I have a two grails.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Two classic designs that have great heritages. And they still look great today. They match perfectly for casual Friday and wouldn’t look out of place the rest of the weekend.

So, that’s part one of my grail watches. I got a few more categories to go in part 2.