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So, I’m going to be testing a few whiskey’s the way that their website specially advertise as the best way to taste. I’m going to go through the Johnnie Walker labels first. Johnnie Walker calls these the perfect serves.


First up, by far my least favorite label, Red Label. I always found that it tasted a bit rusty, both served straight and mixed with Coke or Sprite. So, let’s try Johnnie Walker’s suggestion. The recipe is located here – https://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/whisky-knowledge/serves-and-whisky-cocktails/johnnie-ginger/.  It’s a mix of whiskey with ginger ale. But I specifically bought ginger beer for this, because their website used to say ginger beer. So that’s what I’m using.

Ok, wow that is delicious. It really brings out the citrus notes I didn’t know Johnnie Walker had. It’s like a slightly spicier ginger beer or ale with just a little bit of burn in your throat.

I’m so glad I tried this. I really like this and know I can use my Red Label instead of just pouring it all down the drain.