I was intrigued by this product when I first heard about. Then I was sent a product for review. Now is the not the best time for me to review this product since it’s beard season. I wear a Lincoln in the winter and a Van Dyke the rest of the year.

But I thought I would see if the GoateeSaver could also be used to help shape my beard.


When you first open up the package it seems a little confusing. But after the reading the instructions it’s actually very simple. I cleaned it as instructed and then after it dried set it to the maximum width. Making it as wide as possible also made it a little bit longer, and you can also adjust the mouthpiece to give it more length. But as wide and long as I could get it it didn’t reach my current beard.

So in terms of beard shaping this isn’t helpful. I tried starting it from my chin down to shape my neck, but it wasn’t as efficient as just drawing a line with my fingers in the shave soap. I tried using it to keep straight the little part of my cheeks I still shave when I have a beard. That worked, but I didn’t end up shaving much. It’s much easier just to shave my moustache area and then use a line from my lips to my ear as a guide.

So, the GoateeSaver is not good for beard-saving. But it never advertisted that.

I’m going to do another review in a few months once I start growing my Van Dyke again. I think it will actually be very helpful in shaping that.