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I’ve had Knob Creek at bars before and never been particular impressed. I thought it was good but not great whiskey. But this is the special fancy version, it’s one of the highest rated bourbons and it was on sale, so I thought I’d try it.


Very faint, sort of an antiseptic smell. Surprisingly lemony.


Oaky, Smoky. Very little taste at first and quick burn.  Like all bourbon there’s a caramel taste but it’s quickly drowned by the burn.

Put in a drop of water to open it up a little but the beginning is still short. At first I think it’s almost a hot pepper taste but then I think it’s more of tobacco taste.


A tingly finish at the front and sides of the tongue. A peppery taste lingers. The tobacco taste starts to turn a little sour on the tongue. The peppery burn eventually makes it to the back of the throat. I find it unpleasant.

I do not like this bourbon. Not to my taste.