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Johnnie Walker Black Label was probably the first Scotch I drank straight and the first Scotch I mixed. It was also the Scotch I “trained” on. I drank it once a week for a month or two until I could drink whisky straight.

But since I have Green Label, Gold Label, and Platinum Label, I usually mix Black Label with Coke. But what’s the perfect serve according to Johnnie Walker’s site? Well you can check here – https://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/our-whisky/johnnie-walker-labels/black-label/

So, I filled a glass with ice and then poured out the Black Label. Maybe a little too much ice.


So, how’s the Perfect Serve? Pretty good. The ice makes it go down smoother than drinking it straight. But the burn and the peppery aftertaste remain. I don’t think the ice really “opens” up the whisky in any way though. I’m getting hints of wood and caramel, but you also get that drinking it straight. But then again it’s not really losing any flavor either.

So is this going to be how I drink Black Label from now on? No, I think I’ll keep using it as my top shelf mixer. However, when I feel like drinking it straight, I’ll probably start adding some ice cubes to it. You know, if Platinum, Green, and Gold Label aren’t on hand.