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I’ve stated before how Blue Label is my favorite whisky; but I was waiting for a special occasion to procure a bottle of my own. Well, my wife surprised me with one for Christmas. Here are my official tasting notes on this anticipated bottle.


Nose –

My smell may be off today. Hints of flower and lemon?


Goes down so smooth. I taste caramel. It’s almost buttery in it’s richness. Almost sweet.

Finish –

A slight burn in the back of the throat. In the burn I taste hints of cinnamon and some of the wood. It warms the center and sides of your tongue but no actual burn there, just a pleasant warmth. On my tongue I feel like I’m getting slight floral and lemon hints, but I may be imagining it.

This is great. This is still my favorite whisky, hands-down. Above even my favorite bourbons and single malts.