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Continuing from part one, here’s the rest of my “grail” watches.

Friday Watch Quartz

On Friday, I want to grab a watch and go, but it also needs to look at least office casual nice. I really wanted an atomic watch so I would never have to set it. Citizen has a pretty famous line of atomic watches. The more well-known models I find a little busy, but I bought this one for myself and so far it’s the perfect Friday watch.

Citizen Men’s CB0020-50E World Perpetual A-T


Weekend Watch Automatic

A weekend watch automatic, should also serve as your vacation watch. As such you should be able to swim in both chlorine and saltwater without issue. You should be able to drop it. If push came to shove, you should be able to wear it out to a nice restaurant. I mean you only have one watch, you’re on vacation. When you’re not on vacation you should be able to do all your weekend chores with it on. Mow the lawn when it’s hot and shovel snow when it’s cold. I already have a perfectly fine watch for this –  a Seiko SKX013K. It fits all of my requirements. But what I want is a Seiko SRP309K1 (Orange Monster). It doesn’t do anything better than my current Seiko, but it sure looks like fun.

Seiko Orange Monster

Weekend Watch Quartz

Casio G-Shock

G-Shock is the quintessential quartz weekend watch. They are known for being reliable, having long battery life, and being nearly indestructible. I just haven’t figured out which one I want to get yet.

Redskins Game

It’s hard to find a watch to go with Redskins color when cheering them on. This is really the only watch I found other than a few Casio quartz watches. It’s also a solid watch with a legacy of it’s own.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay