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So in my second non-whiskey (or whisky) post I’m going to try out three popular and well-regarded gins. Three will enter, only one will…be my favorite I guess?

I love a Gin and Tonic or a Tom Collins, but for maximum taste I’m going to drink all three gins neat.



Nose – lemony, grassy, slightly medincy. But all very subtle.

Taste – Sweet and tangy. Lemon is the overwhelming taste.

Finish – Slight medicine aftertaste in  the  throat. Warm on tongue but without any taste


Nose – even fainter. Normal lemon gin like smell. Not as crisp as Beefeater

Taste – Much smoother than the Beefeater. Notes are fainter. Obviously gin, but a slightly bittersweet almond taste is more noticeable than the expected citrus. Almost like alcoholic almond water.

Finish – The finish is stronger than the Beefeater even though the taste is fainter. It leaves a nice warm burn on the center of the tongue. Taste of wood.


Nose – Hard to describe. It smells more like something else than a spirit. Is is a baseball glove? No, it’s a Sharpie!

Taste – Literally almost no taste at first. When the notes come they’re more like wood or  Pine-sol than edible citrus.

Finish – A rush of cough syrup taste in the back of tongue and front of the throat that quickly disappears. It’s a little unpleasant to me. It’s a more bitter woody burn than the Hendricks.Thhe more sips I have the more it tastes like furniture polish in both the start and finish.

The Tanqueray is the clear loser of the three to me. The Hendricks is the in terms of overall taste. However, if I’m looking for a more lemony taste I’d go with the Beefeater.