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Why should you grow a beard at least once? There’s something to be said about those bold enough to grow a magnificent beard. While many men only entertain the thought, you could live it. Don’t go through life just “wanting” to do something… especially if it’s to grow a beard. It’s probably one of the easier things to accomplish and mark off the bucket list. Chances are you’ll love it too!

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What It’s like to have a Beard

To be honest and frank it’s awesome. Having a beard will make you feel like a new man. It really becomes the ultimate accessory to your style and personality. For some reason – unknown to me – beards help more introverted guys in the social scene.

Once you grow something like the amazing Bandholz beard, a style you might have seen on the owner of beardbrand.com, you begin the positive social transformation. You’ll become more confident in your appearance. Your significant other might begin to see a whole different sexy side of you.

It’s not like you’ve really changed though, is it? It’s just something about the power of the beard that tends to affect a lot of us. It always seems to be a very positive energy in the change. An energy others around you pick up on and like.

Experience your Manhood

You must grow a beard at least once to experience the manly feeling. What else is moderately easy to obtain and makes you feel like a real man other than a beard? That list is pretty short. Unless you’re looking to become an old-school lumberjack or engage in some other over-flooded testosterone activities your options are limited.

The good thing is almost any of us can grow a beard. You don’t have to grow something crazy to get the full experience either. A good looking full beard is often an acceptable way to go.

After growing the beard, maintaining it, you’ll probably end up wanting to keep it. If for some reason you can’t because some crabby boss doesn’t like them in the workplace. Try experimenting with other forms of facial hair. A good Vandyke might be in order?

How Long Does it take to Grow a Beard?

Growing a beard can be time-consuming. Luckily it doesn’t require much effort. Depending on the style of beard you are looking to grow the time varies. The time also varies per individual. We’re not all genetically the same when it comes to our facial hair. What might take you a week to grow may take someone else 2 weeks.

The good news is if you’re looking to grow a medium thick full beard it’ll take an average of 3 months. Your personal results will vary. I’m having a new child soon and for some of you my child will be walking before your beard is grown into a good position. From that I’m sure you can tell that results can be extremely different!


In the end, there’s not a lot you can do to make that beard grow. I highly encourage you to grow a beard at least once and give it your best shot. You might be surprised and end up keeping your new face accessory. Remain patient and you’ll have your beard growing in nicely in no time at all. Thanks for reading!

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