So, a few months ago I reviewed the GoateeSaver; but I was still growing my winter beard. Now that it’s almost spring I’m back to my goatee/goat patch/devil patch. I thought I would revisit the GoateeSaver.


On a side note, I’m not sure exactly what I’d call my goatee. According to the Wikipedia definition it is a goatee since it doesn’t have a moustache. But I often trim the top part into more of a devil or goat patch.

Anyway, a brief review of the GoateeSaver. You place it over your goatee while shaving so you can get clean edges and a consistent shape every time. You can adjust the size in the three places to change the width and length of the goatee you’re trying to shape.

After shaping a goatee with it for a week, here’s my list of Pros and Cons.


  • Sharp lines and clear definition of goatee shape
  • Consistent every time.


  • If you’re not keeping a mustache, you have to go back and shave that area without the GoateeSaver. This is often where I would mess up the lines on my goatee.
  • Even at it’s longest point, the GoateeSaver only goes down so far on your neck. Unfortunately, it’s about two inches shorter than where I like to end my facial hair. I have a long neck so I wear my goatee longer than most.
  • I was constantly making “steps” in my goatee. Following the shaper would often cause the area below the neck to become suddenly slimmer than the area above. I tried changing the sizes and changing how I was shaving from my cheek to neck, but could never get it right.

In conclusion, I’m probably not going to continue using this product. It doesn’t fit my exact beard style and is adding some extra time to shaving. But is it a good idea and a good product? I think so. If I was trying to grow a goatee with a moustache and I would definitely use this every time.