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So, I’m branching out yet again. Now into coffee. It’s my drink of a choice when I’m not having a whiskey. But I’m even more of an amateur when it comes to reviewing it than whiskey. So my posts aren’t going to be as an in-depth. Or perhaps not even very well reasoned.


I thought for my first coffee post I’d rank my favorite Italian coffees to brew at home. For a lot of things (whiskey being one of them), hype and price don’t necessarily reflect what I think is the best. But for coffee, I confess I prefer Italian over American. And my favorites also seems to fall in line with the price-points.

  1. Illy
  2. LavAzza
  3. Medaglia D’Oro

Ok, so Medaglia D’Oro may not be better than a good Peets or Starbucks. In fact, I’d take the Cuban coffee (owned by Smuckers) Cafe Bustelo over the Medaglia.

So, I don’t really have the taste buds to break these coffees down in depth.