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So, now that my beard is gone, I thought maybe I’d revisit the MD Dragon Straight Razor now that I have more room to maneuver the razor. As mentioned in the original review, The MD Dragon is not actually a straight razor but a “shavette”.


What a terrible mistake this was. I didn’t even get through one shave.

After washing my face and then lathering up as normal I started shaving. Left cheek with the right hand and then the right with the left hand. Not bad, not great. I couldn’t get the right angle, so not as good as my usual first pass with a double edge. Shaved down on my neck very carefully. Not much reduction at all. Tried to shave my moustache with a 3o degree angle. It did absolutely nothing against the growth and I  gave myself a nice nick right under my nose.

Washed off, and lathered again. I tried switching hands to see if I could get a better angle on either side. No luck, just more nicks on each cheek. Tried shaving up on my neck. Didn’t even finish because I had cuts in multiple places. Tried to find an angle that would actually cut my moustache with cutting open my skin. I promptly made my nick bigger.

So, I gave up. This isn’t worth it. I have cuts everywhere. I have some razor bumps on the side of my neck now. I’m never using this product again and will probably never try a shavette again.

Yeah, maybe if I take some real time to learn the proper angles and really learn the weight of this blade and shave with it over and over again it would be a better shave than a double-edge. But time is money, and I already put in my time learning to shave with a safety razor. Nothing about this shavette seems like it’s worth an additional investment of my time.