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So, I have yet to find a bottle of Gold Label Reserve (they’re always sold out!), so I thought I’d use the original Gold Label to try the perfect serve.


Which according to the Johnnie Walker website involves mixing Gold Label with Soda Water? https://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/our-whisky/johnnie-walker-labels/gold-label-reserve/

This seems borderline sacrilegious, but I tried it anyway. I don’t have a highball glass like the one on their website, so I put it in this weird beer flute.

But I guess I should have just put in a normal highball glass, because I couldn’t get all the club soda to fit.

How does it taste? Incredibly smooth with a just a hint of the peppery finish. It’s almost like whisky water.

Would I drink it like this again? No, it seems like a waste of some precious drink. Unless the next few times I visit the liquor store they’re overloaded with Gold Label reserve.

It might be a good introductory drink for a whisky novice though.