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Now, that I have my Clever Coffee setup and  the process down, I thought I’d definitely figure out my favorite American  grocery store coffee. So I bought a bag of Starbucks, Peets, 8 O’clock, and Dunkin Donuts. I tried to make it as close as possible by getting either Regular/House Blend or French Roast for each. The results were surprising.

From worst to first –

Dunkin Donuts

I really enjoy Dunkin Donuts coffee from their donut shops. I think it’s a little underrateed. So I was suprised that this came out as just bitter tasting.

8 O’Clock coffee

This is cheap so I wasn’t expecting much. Better than Folgers and not as bitter as the Dunkin Donuts. A little bit more actual flavor.


I was expecting Starbucks to win. Definitely extracted a lot more flavor than the Dunkin or the 8 O’clock, but some bitterness remained.

Peet’s Coffee

The clear winner. Extracted slightly more flavor than the Starbucks. And it was so smooth, none of the bitter taste.