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So, I think I’m falling for the advertising here, but I really want to try Redbreast after hearing so much about it. I wasn’t able to get a Cask Strength, so I went with the normal 12-year-old.

Redbreast 12 Year Old

Nose – Allergies are plaguing me right now. Very faint. Hints of lemon and freshly cut grass?

Taste– Rich, buttery, caramely. At first very smooth.

Finish – Very quickly after the initial notes a strong peppery finish overtakes them. After a chaser and a second sip, the pepper fades and the burn slows. But then the finish comes back almost as strong as I finish the dram. At least the finish pleasantly warms the sides and back of my tongue. But not the middle curiously.

I’m a little disappointed to be honest with you. This is pretty hyped in the whiskey world. Though admittedly, I this isn’t the Cask Strength version.

The first taste is so amazing, but the finish just comes on much too fast. And the finish almost doesn’t match the nose and the taste.

Should I mix it? Drink it on the rocks? It seems like that would ruin the taste. Maybe, next time I’ll put a drop of water in the whiskey.