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So, I have a good handle on my favorite whiskies and a good handle on my gin preferences. But not much on an idea on what vodka I’d enjoy. So I thought I’d pit some of the most well regarded vodkas against each other in a taste test. Prairie Organic, Tito’s and Grey Goose. I couldn’t find any Stoli Gold label.

Vodka, being Vodka, I’m anticipating being the hardest to distinguish. But I’ll try. I’m not going to drink Vodka straight up, I’m going to compare Vodka tonics.


Prairie Organic

Nose – Almost, gin-like. Slightly citrusy and sweet. This vodka ended up having the most prominent nose.

Taste – Crisp and clear. Almost all tonic.  No burn.

Finish – A little bit of alcohol taste lingers on the center of the tongue but goes away saucily.


Tito’s Handmade

Nose – Almost nothing. A hint of wood.

Taste – Almost like water.

Finish – A slight gin taste in the back of the tongue and throat.


Grey Goose

Nose – Nothing, I smell nothing.

Taste – I don’t know how to say this, clear and light?

Finish – Slight warming on the back of the tongue.

Ok, this may have been a waste. These are all good vodkas in my opinion. If I was going to make a vodka martini a cranberry and vodka all would be fine choices.

I’m not going to drink it straight, but if was going to drink something dominated by vodka – like a tonic, I would go for the Tito’s since it has a little more flavor. And it has little more bite in the aftertaste.  But if I  wanted to make a smooth vodka martini I would go for the Grey Goose first and the Prairie Organic second. Unless, I wanted more of gin taste, than I would use the Prairie Organic. But then why wouldn’t I just use gin? I guess, tonight I’m going to finish the Prairie Organic vodka tonic. I’d still prefer Gin and Tonics.

All fine choices for any drink really. But to recap Vodka Martini – Grey Goose; Vodka Tonics Prairie Organic; and other mixed drinks – Tito’s Handmade.