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So, I wanted to round out my Irish Whiskey collection since it’s rather small.  I want it hit on some of the top-rated Irish whiskies. I don’t have any Tullamore Dew, so it was on my list of Irish Whiskeys to check out. I picked up this Special Reserve bottle since it was on-sale.


Nose– Not much in the smell. Some slight hints of lemon and peppermint?

Taste – Smooth as water at first with slight hints of butterscotch; but the finish comes on strong and fast.

Finish –  An overwhelming peppery taste right on the sides and center of my tongue. Tried taking smaller and faster sips. Peppery taste in the back of my throat and tongue and the taste evaporates quickly.

I’m unimpressed. This isn’t a sipping whiskey at all. I was expecting more based on it being triple distilled, its age statement, and the “special reserve” part.