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Hey there. Vince here, from BeardLifestyle.com. I reached out to Old Man Kal about writing a guest post for you all –and here it is. The top five must have gifts for a beardsman this Christmas.

These gift ideas range anywhere from just a few dollars to going all out. I hope you find them interesting. Regardless of if you’re looking for gift ideas for your bearded brother or significant other, these are sure to please.

#1 Tea Tree beard oil from BeardBrand.

Tea Tree oilBeard oils offer several benefits for a beardsman. Being rich in essential oils it replenishes your beard and helps ease the itchiness. Another huge bonus is that it helps with decreasing beard dandruff. Gross.

Don’t just buy any old beard oil though. Go premium for a few dollars more with BeardBrand products. The Tea Tree scent can be described as “Imagine living on a Swiss mountaintop and taking a step outside into the brisk morning air.”.

#2 KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker

frenchpressA french press coffee maker is the perfect gift for a beardsman that enjoys a nice cup of coffee.  The KONA has received rave reviews on Amazon.

Using a french press gives the coffee a more rich and less acidic taste by better extracting the oils from coffee beans. This is a unique gift that can not only be used over and over; it  also looks incredible.

#3 Orvis Black Sheep Irish Fisherman’s Sweater

orvisI wouldn’t normally suggest buying your guy a sweater for Christmas. So cliche. But the Irish fisherman’s sweater isn’t your average sweater. This sweater looks fantastic when pair with jeans. This traditional Irish crewneck is cableknit and will be perfect gift for the upcoming cold months.

#4 Horween Leather Timex Weekender

weekenderThe modern beardsman lifestyle actually is a return to a more timeless look. A nice leather watch fits that look perfectly.

Don’t just go buy any watch though. Pick quality without breaking the bank with the leather Weekender. The Horween leather Timex Weekender is the way to go. This watch has a classy look with the leather band and black Timex watch face. An added benefit is he will have less excuse to be late to family gatherings.

#5 Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Tour

breweryI saved the biggest gift for last as it is more of an epic adventure. Take him on a tour of the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston, MA.

Now this would take some planning on your part; but if your beardsman likes brew than this would be one of the most memorable gifts you could get. This is going all-out.

The tour itself lasts about an hour. Best part? The tour itself is actually free.

Thank you!

I hope you found this top 5 list of Christmas gifts for a beardsman inspirational. It’s not too late to order online and have the gift in time for the holidays or plan a trip.