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So, it’s officially Christmas season now and that had me thinking about my favorite Winter Holiday drinks. So here’s what I love to drink to relax and unwind at the holiday parties.

Fireball Cider

I don’t know what the recipe is, but at some parties I’ve add some amazing Hot Apple Fireball Cinnamon Cider. If you can find a good recipe I suggest you try it.


Eggnog and Whiskey

The old holiday standby. Makers Mark is my preferred bourbon to go with my eggnog, but other bourbons and even other types of whiskies will do in a pinch.

The Dalmore Scotch

Is is the taste, the nose, or simply the color of this Scotch and the Stag emblem on the bottle? Whatever it is, I’ve always regarded it as the most Christmas-y of all Scotches.