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So, I saw a Black Bush gift set for sale and thought I’d indulge. I have a Bushmill’s triple distilled bottle at home which I find uninspired and wasn’t blown away when I had a glass of Black Bush one night. But this is one of those whiskies that everyone raves about.

Since this came with those giant ice cube molds I thought I’d give it a taste with the giant ice ball, especially since when I had neat before I found it a bit too rough.

Bushmills Black Bush

Nose- Woody, maybe an oak smell?

Taste – At first noting, and then like peppery water. Some faint butterscotch notes.

Finish – A strong hint of cinnamon. Peppery taste remains, the butterscotch then dissolves into a butter taste?

I just don’t know. It’s a very bizarre whiskey, almost schizophrenic.